Towers Watson



  • The staff event of Towers Watson was based on the concept of a competitive teambuilding for 12 years.
  • Change of concept
  • Do something “good”
  • Chari-Team Building!
  • Make staff enthusiastic about having fun and helping kids at the same time
  • Creating the right balance between fun and charity (children’s home) by organizing activities people could sign up for like crafts workshops, gardening, painting, refreshment of the playgrounds, re-create the toy corners , ….

quote_zwFor quite some years we have been organizing “Awaydays” typically involving a combination of teambuilding activities and workshops.
This year we decided to take the charity-oriented route. Next Event found a close by children’s shelter that could use our help doing various chores (painting and gardening jobs as well as creative challenges). Although the concept was new, the organization went smoothly.

And in all those years of Awaydays, we had never seen such enthusiasm and joy! The entire day really had a touch of magic! And many have already indicated they very much look forward to a copy/paste next year. Next Event, many thanks and be prepared for next year!”

Chris Elsen – Towers Watson