SMA Summit

SMA Summit 2012

Benelux SMA Technology Midsummit

  • Clarify new governmental rules for solar energy, changing subsidies.
  • Encourage and support customers in this changing environment.
  • Convince them of a bright future based on other advantages of solar energy.
  • Create and develop concept ‘The Future is Looking Bright’ with specific look and feel.
  • High-Tech Communication via invitation email, event website with registration tool, slides for event.
  • Propose and manage location, catering, technical support, animation on site translation and on site coordination.
  • Reinforce and visualize theme with actor representing the solar energy market.
  • Amusing interaction during sessions to launch new topics,
  • keep the attention and keep it light.
  • Excellent mix between content and networking for a great event.
  • Customers belief in future of solar energy reinforced.